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Congratulations and welcome to The Inner Winner Success Club! You are about to embark on a journey that will propel you to your next level of success. For the first time ever... Bob Yates,  International Success Trainer and Founder of Circle of Champions Seminars is releasing his best kept "inner winner secrets" to personal and business success! Plus you will have unlimited access to audio clips from some of the world's greatest thinkers and achievers plus success articles, video clips, exclusive interviews and more!

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"The Secret to Financial Increase" - Part 1 - By Bob Yates

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The First Key to Your Business Success - Part 1 - By Bob Yates

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You are about to learn:

  • Secrets of the entrepreneurial mind and how to build a "red hot" business

  • Inner winner success secrets that will propel you to the top in your field

  • The power of your dreams and how to make them a come alive

  • Inner winner marketing secrets that will explode your business  in any economy

  • The two most powerful business skills on earth and how to use them

  • Inner winner mindsets and money secrets  that can make you rich

  • How to become a captivating speaker, trainer or seminar leader

Your membership provides you with complete access to hours of live seminar material plus exclusive interviews and "never before released" audio and video footage from some of our sold out seminars and events.  Get ready to accelerate your success and take your life, dreams and business to the next  dimension in 2013!

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Choosing the Right Business
Champions School of Entrepreneurs

Speaker: Bob Yates

Moving into the Unknown
Champions School of Entrepreneurs

Speaker: Bob Yates


The Power of Your Dreams - PT. 1
Entrepreneur Seminar

Speaker: Bob Yates

Two Life-Changing Questions
Live Your Dreams Seminar

Speaker: Bob Yates


Keys to Success in Business
Entrepreneurs Roundtable

Speaker: Bob Yates




Circle of Champions Event
Seminar: Born to Speak!

Speaker: Willie Jolley

Ideas + Inspiration + Action = Success
Smooth Mixx - Courtesy of Roy Smooth

Speaker: Jim Rohn

It Only Takes a Minute!
Smooth Mixx - Courtesy of Roy Smooth

Speaker: Willie Jolley

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